Welcome to our Yoga for Weight Loss series, Specially made around yoga poses and yoga sequences which will turn the heat up in your body, helping you burn all the excessive weight you’ve been carrying around.

Welcome to Yoga for Infertility. Your key to unlocking motherhood.
This Yoga series specially focuses around menstrual health, solving problems like Low AMH levels, Endometriosis, Blocked tubes, Poor Egg Quality, Fibroids, Unexplained Fertility and much more.

Welcome to Yoga for PCOS. This Yoga series is crafted with easy and simple yoga poses to help you ease out the hormonal imbalance, alongside this it will also help you in menstrual pain, your menstrual cycle, toning up the body and many more.

Yog4Lyf is a yoga app that will stay by your side at your fingertips, helping you with easy to follow along yoga practices made for EVERYONE.


Each course comprises of different classes for different days, allowing the user to practice a variety of asana throughout the course.


amit arora

Amazing app and amazing set of aasanaas.

Amit Arora

Senior Program Manager at Adobe
Arushi Burman

Perfect app for someone who’s just starting on with Yoga. Love the detailed description provided with every asana along with the calming music in the background!ūüĎć P.s looking forward to future updates with more asanas and trimmed exercises.

Arushi Burman

Content Manager, Future Point
ishank arora

Amazing app to learn and practice yoga daily. Following it for a long while now and got immense benefits.

Ishank Arora

Product Manager, Sentieo
Virandra Rao

Good app for yoga for all the age groups. I am really enjoying yoga for beginners sessions.

Virendra Rao

Delivery Manager, Lirik Inc
kunal pasricha

So far so good. I’ve been using this for a month now. Very nice and relaxing yoga app, if you are thinking about getting their app you should.

Kunal Pasricha

Sr Software Engineer, PayU
Animaka singh

One of the best app for yoga. Simple and easy to use where each yoga is explained with precision. This app helped me in my entire weight loss journey along with back pain.

Anamika Singh

Sr. Manager at Max Life Insurance


arsh rai yog4lyf

Arsh Rai

Arsh developed a keen interest in yoga from an early stage of life and has been practicing it since then. As time progressed he decided to give yoga his body, mind, and soul by pursuing it as a career.

Qualifications: 2 Years P.G. Diploma Yoga Edu. from Banaras Hindu University 

1 Year Diploma Yoga Edu. From B.H.U.

Geetika Saxena

Geetika Saxena

Geetika strongly believes that yoga is meant for everyone and the benefits it shares should be put to good use. SInce then there’s no stopping her.

Qualifications: YCB Level 3 From Ministry of Ayush and Govt.

900 hours Yoga Certificate From The Yoga Institue Mumbai

200 Hours Yoga Certificate From Kewaldham, Lonawala


Rahul Singh

Rahul being a resident of Varanasi has been practicing yoga from a very early age and as time progressed he decided to give his heart and soul into the practice and started moving forward in his life as a professional yoga expert. 

Qualifications: 1 Year P.G. Diploma Yoga Edu. from UPRTOU, Prayagraj

Kavita Arora Yog4lyf Yoga Instructors

Kavita Arora

Kavita discovered her interest in yoga during the first lockdown and since then there has been no stopping. Kavita being a mother, housewife and a yogi all in one, strongly believes that yoga is the divine practice of balance. It teaches how one can balance it all and still move forward to their respective goals in life.

Qualifications : 1 year PG Diploma in Therapeutic Yoga

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