The majority of us are aware of the trend going around about yoga. Many celebrities promote yoga and share their personal growth and the difference they feel in their life by practicing yoga. In this post we will do introduction to yoga in a light and yet systematic manner.

introduction of yoga

What is Yoga?

Is Yoga some religious practice or related to spirits? It’s okay, we all have our basic doubts and it’s good to question everything before you conclude anything. Well, I too, had doubts in my mind just like you and now my doubts are solved. So let me share the information in a simpler language without any difficult Sanskrit words. (Btw Sanskrit is an old language in India).

Meaning and Origin of Yoga

Yoga originally is from India. “Yoga” is a Sanskrit word which means “Union”. This is a practice to unify your body with your mind with the help of Yoga poses, Breathing exercises and Meditation. The unification of body and mind generates positivity. It helps our mental and physical health. It can enlighten you in ways you never thought of before and once when you start practicing it daily, you would observe the difference by yourself.

Myths around Yoga

Let’s break some myths around yoga, which would clear some basic doubts and help you get understand yoga.

  • You should be fit and flexible to practice yoga

That is so incorrect.The fact is that anybody can practice yoga, yoga isn’t for a group of people, it is for everybody! Practicing yoga enables you to be more flexible and fit physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Yoga is a religious activity

It is another myth because people tend to get confused while getting to know how deeply rooted it is in the Indian culture. But it has nothing to do with religion, its more about the way of living a better healthy life and for some it also enlightens their spiritual journey.

  • Yoga is for old people or senior citizen.

Many of us misunderstand that yoga is only for the selected age group of people, again that’s not true. Anybody can practice yoga, be it a young child or the oldest grandpa. There are various types of yoga poses for everyone with all kinds of customizations.

  • Yoga is too complicated to start.

You may have seen some yoga poses so complicated that it would be difficult to achieve perfection in it at the first trial. Yes, that’s true, but hey, yoga was never about being perfect, it is a beautiful journey towards perfection. So basically even the complex posses are done step by step and your journey itself helps you in reaching the final pose.

ocian yoga

Places to practice yoga:

Another thing to be kept in mind is about the environment around you where you practice yoga. Of course, you can do it wherever you wish to but beginners should know that you should practice it in an area where you won’t be disturbed by any kind of element, bothering your concentration. Thus you can practice yoga where you have your own space and breathe fresh air, just any corner at your home would be perfect.

There are group yoga classes conducted in a huge room, or lawn area. Find and try out what suits you the most.

Best time to practice yoga:

The best time to practice yoga is in the morning, to kick start the day with the freshness one feels after practicing yoga. It helps to make you feel better about the day. We feel calmer and focused after practicing yoga and that’s how your whole day is set if you do it the morning before you start working. But on the other hand, some practice yoga in their own free time and that it is equally beneficial. So don’t worry about the time just note that yoga should be done with a light stomach and 2 hours before your next meal.

Yog4Lyf yoga asana

We hope we did justice the Introduction to yoga for you all. In our view it’s best to allow your precious soul, body and mind to go through this beautiful process of yoga. I hope you try it and feel better.

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