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Plank Pose for body strength

Plank Pose for body strength | Introduction | Benefits

The plank pose is also known as Kumbhakasana or Phalakasana.

kumbhak means breath retention, and asana means pose

The plank pose for body strength is a very famous yoga asana. In the traditional practice of this plank pose, you would hold your breath for a brief moment before lowering your body into the low push-up position.

With this tiny intro, let’s dive deeper into this asana.

plank pose

Instructions for the Plank Pose for body strength

For beginners, the yoga plank pose and its variations are strongly recommended to help build stamina and core body strength for practicing the advanced yoga poses. Here is how you can perform this pose:

plank pose
  1. Lie down on your stomach
  2. Bring your hands towards your shoulders, keeping your palms on the ground
  3. Now, as you breathe in, push up your body forming a straight line. The arms are perpendicular to the ground and shoulders are right over your wrists, while the body is parallel to the floor

    You are surely going to feel so good after this pose. Keep going!

  4. Hold the pose and continue breathing
  5. As you exhale, come back to a sitting position and relax 

Not sure how long you should hold your Plank Pose? Stay until you feel you can’t keep proper alignment anymore, or try holding it until you feel your muscles starting to burn and your body starting to shake/quiver – then hold it another 15-30 seconds.

You can also find the detailed instructions in the following video made by Yog4Lyf Yoga Instructor, Mr. Harsh:

How to Plank | The Plank Exercise | Benefits & Contraindications | Yog4Lyf

Benefits of the Plank Pose

One of yoga’s foundational poses, Plank Pose holds vast amounts of depth for you to play with.

plank pose

Plank pose helps you in:

  • Improving core/abdominal strength

    During a plank pose, muscles such as transversus abdominis, rectus abdominus, oblique muscles, and glutes are targeted that help support your back and help to provide the often-desired shape of your backside.

  • Improving spinal stability

    Plank pose improves the core strength that is crucial for helping keep your spine in alignment, as well as maintaining strength in the rest of your back.

  • Reducing belly fat

    Since the plank pose mainly works your core abdominal muscles, it is a great exercise to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Holding a plank for a few minutes each day can alone help to trump down belly fat and provide an appealing shape to your body.

  • Improving mood

    Planks can be special mood lifters because it engages the stress corners of our body. Our shoulders, neck and back usually tense up and have knots because of strain and stress, both mental or physiological. Contracting these muscles literally squeezes the tension out from major muscles where the stress accumulates.

  • Improving metabolism

    This pose helps to build abdominal muscles and in many cases even boosts the development of muscles in other parts of the body (due to added core strength). With more muscle mass, you will burn more calories and this will regulate a healthy appetite. Therefore, the plank pose if practised daily can help to improve metabolism as well.

Initially, it may be difficult to hold the plank poses, but with practice it can do wonders in helping you build bodily as well as mental strength. 


Here are some precautions you need to take while doing this pose:

  • Plank Pose should not be practiced if one suffers from an injury in the arms, ankles, shoulders, and foot. 
  • Avoid overdoing it in this position if you have a wrist issue. You may want to consider using a yoga block to alleviate strain on your wrist.
  • Proceed with care if you have high or low blood pressure.
  • Take care that you are not dropping the hips or lifting them higher than the line of your body.

Also, if you have any medical concerns, talk with your doctor before practicing yoga.


Practicing Plank Pose will start showing results in no time. Holding it for extended periods will build endurance and determination.

Find a variation or modification that works best for you, and then watch as your power increases!

Happy Yogaing!

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