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6 Yoga Mudra For Weight Loss You Must Try!

There are many ways to stay fit and maintain a healthy body. If you have been trying to lose weight but are not quite able to get the results you want, try adding some yoga to your routine. When we talk of yoga, how can we not talk about yoga mudras that are essentially helpful.

They are beneficial for your physical and mental health as they help in reducing stress, improve concentration, and encourage self-reflection.

What are yoga mudras?

The word mudra comes from the Sanskrit root mud, meaning “to seal”, “to confine”, or “to arrest”. The term “seal” is used to describe the way a mudra is used to focus and channel the flow of prana through the body.

Each mudra has a specific effect on the body or mind when practiced and many of the commonly used mudras are employed as practices for general well-being. Mudras can be used for weight loss as well as for stress reduction. Mudras can also be used for treating diseases.

There are several variations of this ancient practice, but all of them focus on achieving harmony between mind, body, and spirit. It is one of the most versatile practices that can be modified for any skill level.

How does yoga mudra work?

According to Ayurveda, a body imbalance causes disease. When there is an imbalance in the body, it is caused by an imbalance in the five elements, which include earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Each of the five elements has a specific and important function in the body.

The fingers are essentially electrical circuits. The flow of energy is adjusted using mudras, which affect the balance of air, fire, water, earth, and ether, facilitating healing. This results in a subtle connection between the instinctual patterns in the brain and the unconscious reflexes in these areas.

Internal energy is balanced and redirected, affecting sensory organs, glands, veins, and tendons. Sitting cross-legged in Vajrasana or Lotus Pose is one of the ways to practice yoga mudras. Ujjayi breathing should be used whenever possible.

Take at least twelve breaths in each yoga mudra and closely observe the flow of energy in the body.

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6 yoga mudras for weight loss

1. Surya (Agni) Mudra for Weight Loss

mudra for weight loss

This is a powerful pose that helps in weight loss and burning calories. It is one of the easiest mudras and it is best to perform it in the morning after you wake up. The Surya (Agni) Mudra for Weight Loss can be performed for about 10 minutes.

The Surya (Agni) Mudra for Weight Loss is very good for weight loss as it improves blood circulation and helps in digesting food better. This in turn helps in reducing the amount of calories your body absorbs.

How to do:

  1. Sit with your back straight
  2. Move the ring finger towards the palm of the hand and join it with the thumb. 
  3. Place your hands on your thighs and remain seated for a while. You can perform breathing techniques during this time. Try performing it for 45 minutes each day, and with 15-minute intervals between each time. 


  1. Good for stomach related problems
  2. Quickens the digestive process
  3. Improves the metabolic functioning

Linga Mudra for Weight Loss

mudra for weight loss

This mudra is very good for weight loss as well as treating health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, and insomnia. It is best to perform this pose in the evening or before you go to bed.

The Linga Mudra for Weight Loss is very good for weight loss as it balances the hormones in your body and also helps in improving the digestive system. All these are necessary for weight loss.

How to do:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed.
  2. Interlock the fingers of both hands, with the palms pressed against each other.
  3. Keep your left thumb upright.

Practice this mudra for 20-30 minutes each day.


  1. Helps in fighting against cold and cough.
  2. Strengthens the lungs.

Kapha-Nashak Mudra

mudra for weight loss

This mudra is best to treat diseases like obesity, hypertension, and indigestion. It is best to perform this mudra in the morning before starting your day.

The Kapha-Nashak Mudra is very good for weight loss as it balances your body’s pH levels. When your pH levels are out of balance, you are more likely to gain weight. This mudra helps in keeping your pH levels in balance and hence prevents you from gaining weight.

How to do:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.
  2. Bend the ring finger and the little finger towards the palm.
  3. Now, join them with your thumb.
  4. Put as much pressure as you are comfortable with.
  5. Practice this mudra for 30-45 minutes every day.


  1. Improves digestion.
  2. Reduces body fat.

Vaayan Mudra

This mudra is best to treat stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is best to perform this mudra in the morning before starting your day.

The Vaayan Mudra is very good for weight loss as it helps in relaxing your body and mind. When you are stressed or anxious, you tend to overeat. This mudra helps in reducing stress and anxiety, which in turn helps in reducing overeating.

How to do:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position.
  2. Just bend your index finger and middle finger towards the palm and join them with the thumb.
  3. Apply slight pressure and hold this position. 
  4. Yeah, it’s done. Practice for around 15-20 minutes every day.


  1. Reduces fatness
  2. Control loose motions
  3. Improve nervous system
  4. Overcome laziness, lethargy, drowsiness, excessive sweating, thirst and excessive sleep
  5. Controls excessive menstrual bleeding

Gyan Mudra for Weight Loss

mudra for weight loss

The Gyan Mudra for Weight Loss is very good for weight loss as it improves blood circulation in your body. When your blood circulation is better, your body is able to get rid of toxins more efficiently.

This in turn helps in regulating your body’s pH levels and preventing you from gaining weight.

How to do:

  1. Like all others, start with sitting in a comfortable position. Preferably, with your legs crossed.
  2. Simply touch the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb while keeping the other fingers outstretched.
  3. Please your palms on the knees and stay in this position for 30 minutes.


  1. Helps in losing weight.
  2. Improves concentration.

Prana Mudra

The Prana Mudra is very good for weight loss as it improves your digestive system and reduces stress. Both these factors are necessary for weight loss. 

These are some of the yoga mudras for weight loss. With these mudras, you will be able to reduce stress, anxiety, and improve your digestive system. This in turn will help you lose weight.

How to do:

  1. Start by sitting with your legs crossed.
  2. Join the tip of the thumb to the tips of the ring finger and little finger.
  3. Done! Stay like this for 20 to 25 minutes to get maximum benefits.


  1. It works on your muscular pains.
  2. It helps in building self-confidence.
  3. Restlessness and disturbed minds can get some relief by practicing this mudra.
  4. Helps in improving immunity level.

Other benefits of Yoga Mudras

  1. Yoga Mudras help to cure insomnia and improve concentration and memory power. Regular practice can eliminate all psychological disorders like anger, depression, stress, and anxiety.
  2. Moreover, they also improve sleep patterns, increases energy in the body, and alleviate lower backache.
  3. Apart from that, they also improve the flow of energy in the body and stimulate digestion.
  4. Some mudras improve the flow of oxygen to the brain and increase the capacity of the lungs.
  5. A few mudras activate fluid circulation within the body keeping it moisturized. It cures skin diseases, and infections and prevents the appearance of pimples. They add a natural glow to your face and prevents muscle pains.
  6. You can also use yoga mudras to reduce earaches. They help people who are going deaf due to age or disease. It also helps in overcoming travel sickness and vertigo-related issues.
  7. Surprisingly, mudras also help to strengthen weak and lean bones. 

Important tips

Weight loss Mudras are nice to learn, but they should not be relied on exclusively for quick weight loss. The following steps are also necessary:

  • Yoga Mudras can be used in conjunction with a nutritious diet and regular exercise to help lose weight.
  • To gain additional benefits, one should avoid sugary drinks in addition to practicing finger Mudras.
  • In the morning, we can refill our energy by taking advantage of the sun rather than turning on the lights.
  • Purchasing local, organic produce is also beneficial.
  • While eating, be mindful of the quantities.
  • There are many methods to gain knowledge of Yoga, such as taking classes. PS: Yog4lyf can help
  • Practice Pranayama which is a breathing exercise that focuses on the stomach.
  • It is critical to drink recommended amounts of water.


  1. What do fingers represent in mudras?

    The thumb represents the fire element, the index finger denotes air, the middle finger is for space, the ring finger is for the earth, and the little finger is for water. As per Ayurveda, diseases are caused due to an imbalance of these 5 elements.

  2. Can we do mudra while walking, laying down, or standing?

    Well, yes you can perform these mudras in any position. Just ensure that your body is relaxed, centered, and well-aligned. If you’re comfortable holding hand gestures in any other position than sitting, go ahead!

  3. How long does it take for mudras to work?

    There is no defined way to see how fast a mudra can work. They generally start showing the effect in 4 weeks when done consistently. If you are having a chronic disease, it may take some months. It also depends on your practice consistency and your current physical condition.

  4. Can we do mudra during periods?

    Menstruating women can also perform the mudras however they should be careful while picking the mudra. Because not all mudras are beneficial during periods. Pick mudras that encourage the downward movement of energy as it will help in elimination and reduce period pain or other reproductive cycle problems.

  5. Can mudras be done with one hand?

    You can perform yoga mudra with one hand if you have an injury or have undergone a surgery, or in case of other medical ailment. One of the best examples of using one hand mudra is Nasagra Mudra.

  6. Can we do multiple mudras in a day?

    You can practice mudra as long as you can, up to 45 minutes a day.


While these mudras are helpful in losing weight, they alone can’t do the magic. You need to club them with other yoga asanas and a proper diet.

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