Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Weight Loss: The General Solution

Being overweight is not a choice! Being overweight or obese is the risk of several diseases. In India, a total of 40% of the Indian population comes under the obese category. Obesity is higher in women than men. Such weight issues have reached an epidemic position in India as our country is progressing towards development along with a trend but is risking its life to obesity. And this is why we are sharing best yoga poses for weight loss to fight aginst this menace.

India is mostly groped with abdominal obesity which increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases and fertility issues hence, shedding weight has become one of the most prioritized tasks in today’s era. People are up with 9 to 5 jobs, sitting at one place the whole day. With no time to work out, people need a miracle to lose weight. Some try jeera water for weight loss, also several home remedies for weight loss. However, jeera water for weight loss seems to be a good option along with other solutions but gradually seems to be the slow process to shed your pounds.

There are lots of misconceptions about weight loss. The so-called popular media and culture suggest N number of suggestions like fad diets and magical drinks. There are too many advertisements regarding weight loss products endorsed by celebs. But do you know, you may find expected results but once you stop using these products or resume your previous lifestyle, your weight starts creeping back. The only solution to lose excess body fat is to make small yet healthy changes in your daily lifestyle and add some eating habits along with exercise. Also, making sure that the flow should be maintained. Managing the weight has to be a lifelong commitment.

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The fact to know!

Do you know about Modest Weight loss?

Modest weight loss is when you induce healthy weight loss methods by producing health benefits and making improvements in blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. For example, if you weigh 150 kg, then its 5 per cent weight loss is up to 7.5 kg which brings your weight up to 142 kgs. Although 142 kgs are still considered overweight, applying modest weight loss techniques reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases related to obesity. Modest weight loss aids in healthy physical activity as well as healthy eating habits which help you to shed those extra fats in your body over time.

What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss is nothing but the reduction of body mass using adipose tissues or lean mass. When we talk about weight loss, it can be intentional or unintentional. When we control weight loss with daily workouts and a proper diet, we have the intention to lose weight. But when the weight starts to drop suddenly, we can say that the rapid weight loss is unintentional due to poor diet, malnourishment or a cause of underlying disease. Intentional weight loss is known as slimming which can be done by using various methods. However, it is one of the recommended treatments for obesity.

Why do people gain weight?

Some people eat a lot but don’t gain weight at all. And some people gain weight rapidly. But why is it so? People gain weight when they consume more calories than their body needs. These extra calories are stored as fats in our bodies. However, metabolism plays an important role in defining weight gain. Stronger the metabolism, the more calories. The process of metabolism helps the food to be burned up as energy in our body. Weak metabolism results in excess weight gain and hence, people gain unexpected pounds added.

Causes of Weight Gain

40% of the Indian population are currently in an obese state. Many people blame unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and lifestyle routine for the same but there are certain other underlying causes and factors which lead to weight gain.


Some children are born by carrying the genetics of their parents and grandparents. Kids are born to be heavier than the normal ones whose parents or grandparents are obese. A mother’s diet and lifestyle play a key role in a baby’s prenatal growth. Also, women who gain excess weight during pregnancy are likely to have heavier kids than usual. Sometimes, the genes inherited from the parents determine your susceptibility to unexpected weight gain. As per the studies, 40% of the children gain weight during their adolescent phase and it may continue for the rest of their life if not controlled. However, genetics are not always responsible for weight gain but it can be considered as one of the factors of weight gain.

Food Addiction

When you are so mesmerized by your favourite McDonalds meal… then you are completely addicted to junk food. Technology has evolved so much that people have skipped cooking their meals and getting the packets delivered within 20 minutes. Food addictions start when you can’t resist your favourite meal. At first, you will plan or order your meal but as the addiction grows, the brain chemistry works in the favor of addiction and takes decisions on your behalf. 25% of the population suffers from obesity due to food addiction. Hence, Junk food is addictive.


Weight gain is one of the common side effects of being treated with insulin. Insulin is an artificial hormone that helps to regulate blood sugar by dropping the glucose levels in your body. However, the diabetic patient has to maintain a healthy weight and hence has to take a good amount of calories. When a patient takes the usual calories, the glucose level in your body. This glucose is absorbed by body cells that already have glucose absorbed due to insulin. Hence, extra glucose is converted into fats which leads to weight gain.


People who rely on certain medications suffer from weight gain. Most of our medications include allopathy or pharmaceutical drugs which indirectly or directly affects our digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system and overall functioning of our body. Most medications or certain drugs can increase appetite, reduce or increase the metabolism or can alter the capacity to reduce your body fat. This may increase the ability to store more fat in your body instead of increasing the ability to cut that fat. One such disease is hyperthyroidism. The medications for this disease increases the appetite which increases the calorie intake more than your body needs. Weight gain is one of the common side effects of medications.

Leptin Resistance

Leptin is one of the important hormones that regulate the fats in our body. It controls and regulates the appetite and metabolism in our body. It is produced by our fat cells which signal our brain to stop eating. It conveys that the calories are enough for our body. However, the more the fats, the more the production of leptin. Once the quantity of leptin increases in our body, our brain fails to recognize the hormone. Hence, the brain didn’t receive any leptin signal which misleads the brain that the body is starving. This changes brain physiology and behaviour through which one keeps eating even if it is more than enough. This leads to more storing of fats which results in weight gain.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormones play an essential role in balancing our overall body functioning. Similarly, there are various powerful hormones and some brain chemicals which control hunger and craving in our body. If the body suffers from leptin resistance, the hormones function irregularly which leads to alteration of eating behaviour in people. People feel the desire to eat more, especially junk food. Hormonal imbalance leads to the secretion of dopamine through which people enjoy more eating. The brain doesn’t receive any signals and the hormonal imbalance adds more to it. This leads to a vicious cycle of food addiction. Body’s capacity of calorie intake increases and hence stores more fat than needed which results in weight gain.


Pregnancy is a stage when a woman’s body undergoes many changes in and out. This change ensures that the unborn baby is getting enough food and needed nutrients. Some women gain weight in the final trimester or some may start to gain weight during the early months of pregnancy. However, pregnant women with gestational diabetes tend to gain more weight than normal. Due to different symptoms and different eating habits, pregnant women can gain weight.

Stress & Depression

More stressed people tend to gain more weight. In stress, cortisol is the ‘stress hormone’ which can increase during your tension times. The rise of cortisol leads to overeating. This happens because when you are stressed, cortisol increases the imbalance in hormones and also your body releases chemicals that make you affectionate towards food. This increases your hunger or appetite along with the craving for sugary food. This elevates insulin levels which leads to weight gain.


As per the study, one in five women suffers from PCOD or PCOS in India. Polycystic Ovary Disorder or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is one of the hormonal disorders which the woman suffers during her adulthood. This condition causes issues with fertility and hence has no cure. Women with PCOD/ PCOS have more levels of male hormones which results in irregular menses. Also, these women are highly resistant to insulin which leads to more calorie intake. This increases not only the risk of weight gain but also diabetes, cardiovascular disease, insomnia and uterine cancer.

Ways towards Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Diet

We might have seen many such diets on Google which allows you to eat boiled stuff or sometimes raw. This might be tasteless at times. However, India is one such happy place where you can plan your diet with blissful cuisine, vibrant spices, rich yet royal taste and a wide range of fresh herbs and flavours. Indians follow a plant-based diet. The traditional Indian meal aka thali is full of proteins, carbs, vitamins, healthy fats, minerals. A plant-based diet is effective and beneficial as it helps prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, colon diseases and many more.

The Indian diet includes grain, cereals, green leafy vegetables, dairy products and fruits along with spices like turmeric, fenugreek, coriander, cumin, ginger etc. aids in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. Hence, following a healthy diet will not help to decrease the risk of severe disease but will encourage great Weight loss!

Adequate Sleep

Many researchers have come up with potential connections between weight and sleep. Many studies show that if a person doesn’t get adequate sleep for at least six to eight hours it may lead to reduced metabolism, digestive problems, weight gain which may result in obesity. Inadequate sleep may also lead to other chronic diseases. Appetite is often regulated by the neurotransmitters in our body. These neurotransmitters are nothing but brain chemicals or hunger hormones that act as messengers that allow communication among neurons. The two chemicals, Ghrelin and Leptin are powerful messengers. Ghrelin promotes hunger whereas leptin stops when the calorie intake is full. These two signals the brain about appetite on a daily basis.

Lack of sleep or inadequate sleep may disrupt the functions of these neurotransmitters. The regulation of such neurotransmitters leads to the intake of more calories than the body needed. This leads to weight gains resulting in obesity. Also, inadequate sleep leads to cravings for sugary and junk food which are high in carbs and calories. Hence the only way to keep yourself away from excess weight gain is to maintain a healthy sleep schedule along with a planned diet. Sleeping for 8 hours at night increases the rate of metabolism and reduces insulin resistance. If you are planning for weight loss, make sure you are an early bird on the bed and plan your meal 2 hours before bed. Such practice will aid in healthy weight loss.

Yoga Asana

Yoga is a deemed practice that builds a stronger bond between your mind and body. If added to your daily workout routine, yoga can help to lose weight 2x faster. There are many types of yoga that focus on different aspects. Some are focused on meditation and peace whereas some are focused on strength building and endurance. Yoga for weight loss includes the type of yoga which focuses on strength building and endurance. The yoga asanas may include stretching poses. However, yoga for weight loss doesn’t mean it will help you to shed your extra fats. It’s actually more than that!

Why Yogasana for Weight loss?

When you perform yoga, it supports your mental, physical and spiritual development which allows you to control your addiction to weight gain practices. It brings you towards mindful and healthy eating habits which helps you to overcome your food addiction. Also, practising yoga brings you peace which will help to keep your stress, anxiety and depression at bay. Apart from this, yoga also helps to overcome drug addiction like smoking and drinking. Yoga for weight loss starts from keeping you away from such unhealthy practices and then you will start noticing the change in your pounds and the body from in and out.

Yog4Lyf’s Power Yoga for Weight Loss!

Yog4Lyf offers a 30 mins Power Yoga which helps you to your body in such a way that makes you shed your extra fat easily. In this 30 mins of power yoga, we have come up with our best yoga poses to lose weight effectively. We are witnessing the upgrading of technology which is saving our time but due to such upgrading techniques, people have lost the ability to perform any kind of physical activity. Hence, adding Yog4Lyf’s customized course to your daily routine will help to boost your energy and mindfulness. And if you are planning to lose weight, then do subscribe to Yog4Lyf’s youtube channel where you will get a blend of all yoga poses to lose weight.

Our Yog4Lyf’s 30 minutes power yoga for weight loss is a combination of traditional yoga poses to lose weight. Along with the same, our yoga experts have come up with an amazing blend of power yoga combinations that aids to remove unwanted toxins from your body along with the fat. Our yoga course includes simple to advanced level yoga poses for beginners. Our yoga for weight loss programs also includes other yoga poses to lose weight from particular parts of the body at your convenience.

Our app, Yog4Lyf is a hub of such full-fledged yoga asanas with customized diet plans So, download the app today!

Yoga asanas for Weight loss


Surya namaskar or sun salutation is a complete body workout that has to be done in the early morning. It includes 12 yoga poses that contribute towards a positive physical and mental health activity. As per the studies, performing one set of Surya namaskar helped to burn 416 calories. So within 10 mins, one can easily perform 5 sets to lose weight. Surya namaskar also helps to strengthen your body, cores and muscles. It regulates blood circulation and aids in healthy breathing. If you want to burn calories, then Surya Namaskar is one of the best yoga poses to lose weight.

Triyak Katichakrasana

Kati means waist and chakra means a twisting wheel. Tiryak Katichakrasana is a rotation of the waist which aids in the shedding of fat from the waist portion. One of the best yoga poses to lose weight, Triyak Katichakrasana pose strengthens the hips, pelvic region, back muscles and shoulders. The stretch is beneficial for strengthening your back and spine which also helps to relieve lower back pain.

Tiryaka Tadasana

Tiryaka Tadasana or Swaying Palm Tree Pose is a yoga pose that focuses on stretching. This yoga pose aids in reducing the side fat of the abdomen area and helps to regulate bowel movements. It opens up the chest which helps in healthy breathing. Tiryaka Tadasana is one of the variations of Tadasana.


Frog pose or Mandukasana is an intense hip opener exercise that helps to reduce side, belly and hips fat. Beneficial for the lower body, this pose puts pressure on the belly which helps to strengthen the core along with eliminating the fat. It also works on toning the lower body, especially the hips. It also improves insulin production in the body which helps to regulate blood sugar and reduces diabetes. Are you willing to burn belly fat then this is one of the best yoga poses to lose weight and abdominal fat.

Weight gain might feel easy to as it stores fat in little amounts every day, but as it grows, it takes no time to show the negative signs on one’s health. Hence, it is necessary to take early steps to make it vanish. All you need is a daily yoga practice, a bit of patience and Yog4Lyf app!

Yog4Lyf yoga asana for weight loss

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