Sparkle your Winter Love with Mindful Yoga just like Milind & Ankita

The wind blows heavy and hot when it comes to seeing the soulful fitness of Milind Soman. The marathon expert, Milind regularly updates his fans about his diet, exercises and most precisely his love… Ankita! You just blink and the couple posts a new Insta pic. Recently, the glossy pictures of Milind and Ankita from their Gujarat trip is going viral as they sum up their romance in stunning beach yoga.

Milind and Ankita, leaving out their age, are always seen pushing their fans towards fitness with marathons, gym exercise, home exercise, diet, and yoga. The lovely couple nailed for photos with absolute yoga poses that you must try!

Milind and Ankita doing yoga

Nail the Yoga Asana like Milind and Ankita


Malasana or simply Garland pose in Yoga recalls good health of pelvic muscles, thighs and legs. It stretches and strengthens the ankles, groins and back which aids in digestion, healthy menstruation, tones out your belly and overall backbone. This Yoga deep squat opens your groin and hips in counterbalance. This Malasana yoga is known to improve your overall posture.

How to do Malasana?

Step-1- Stand on a yoga mat reaching your toes to the mat’s width.

Step-2- Bend your knees and lower down yourself pressuring your buttocks towards the floor and making a squat position.

Step-3- Try to hold your toes and knees intact and bring your upper arms inside your knees by bending your elbows and bringing your palms together in Anjali Mudra (prayer position).

Step- 4- Allow your thumbs to touch your sternum to keep your chest lifted. Continue pressing your arms to your thighs and hold the position.

Step-5- Keep your spine straight and keep your shoulders relaxed and hold the position for five breaths.


Shirsasana or Yoga Headstand is considered one of the energizing poses in all asanas. However, it is one of the difficult poses, one must require to be advised by a Yoga expert before performing the yoga headstand. Shirsasana is intended to focus on hamstrings, spine and shoulders and overall upper body. Shirsasana strengthens your core and enhances the capacity of your lungs. And it also stimulates and strengthens your abdominal organs. It also boosts digestion. It provides a good flow of blood circulation to various endocrine glands for improving overall body functions. Hence, it leads to an increase in body stamina.

How to do this?

Step-1- Keep your hands and knees under your shoulder and your knees under your hips.

Step-2- Bring your forearms to the floor and keep your elbows under your shoulder.

Step-3- Keep each hand opposite to your elbow with the distance apart.

Step 4- Now hold your head on your palm supported by your fingers and lift your body upside down.

Step-5- Keep your body intact, keeping straight your neck and the back.

Step-6- Hold the position for 5-7 seconds.

Precautionary tip:

Yoga headstand is not advised for heart patients, pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, menstruating women etc.


Both the Yogasanas are well-known for stimulating and providing refreshed blood to various internal organs and promoting healthy body functions.

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Yog4Lyf yoga asana

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