Light up Your Health with Cosmic Diwali Yoga!

We Indians eagerly wait for the biggest festival of joy and that is Diwali! According to Hindu Mythology, the festival of lights is celebrated on the new moon day with full enthusiasm and zeal. This great day is a victory of Lord Rama over evil and the return of his idealized wife Sita. It is a triumph of light hope over darkness. But many people feel stressed in Diwali time because of the fear of eating too many sweets and delicacies. And this is exactly the reason why we have brought Diwali Yoga to help you digest stuff better and not regret eating these lovely delicacies.

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We are too witnessing such triumph with less to zero covid cases, hence this Diwali has fascinated the inner illumination which has set us free from confining inside our home, hence making this festival more special for us… Diwali is the festival to not only light up the outer space but also the inner health, compassion and so forth. So, this year, amidst covid, let’s celebrate Diwali of health, awareness and fitness with the power of Yoga.

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Indian festival is full of tempting flavours of sweets and spices. We might fall prey to certain issues like constipation, bloating, digestive issues high diabetes and many more. We can’t control the savour but we can prepare our body for Diwali with our cosmic Diwali yoga.

Can yoga help us here?

Our fine Yoga Therapy and practice of yoga asanas will make you feel energetic throughout Diwali.


This Yoga pose is intended with an intense stretch of the west. This pose is especially known as a classic pose from Hatha Yoga. It works towards the digestive system, which sets numerous benefits. The ‘Paschimottanasana calms your nerves and relieves stress and depressions. The even yet intense stretches to the spine, shoulders and hamstrings give relief from joint and muscle pain. It also stimulates internal organs and overall improves digestion.


How to do this?

Step-1 – Sit on the floor and stretch your legs straight parallel in front of you.

Step-2- Bring your hands straight up over your head and stretch as much as you can.

Step-3- Inhale and try to stretch up your spine.

Step-4- With Exhalation lean forward, hinging at your hips.

Step 5- Keep your neck enact and hold your ankles.

Step 6- Come to the resting position.


Half Spinal twist is considered one of the important asanas in Hatha yoga. This asana comes with enormous benefits for the overall body. The pose gives primary focus spine, hips, abdomen, chest and arms. Ardhamatsyendrasana is intended for healthy lungs as the bursting of firecrackers might cause breathing issues.

Ardhamatsyendrasana increases the elasticity of the spine, tones, nerves, shoulders. It relieves the back pain, massages the back pain and relieves digestive issues.

How to do this?

Step-1 – Sit on the floor and stretch your legs straight parallel in front of you.

Step-2- Bend the left leg and place it over the right knee.

Step-3- Now bend the right leg and fold it and rest on the ground with the right heel at your left buttock.

Step-4- Bring the right hand over the left leg and grab the toe of the left foot.

Step-5- Through inhaling and exhaling, twist your upper body to the extent over your left shoulder and encircle your waist and hold the position for 8-10 seconds.


Madukasana is of the advanced level yogasana which is most beneficial for diabetic patients. This yogasana, also known as Frog pose aids in an increase in insulin level which helps to cure diabetes. Apart from this, Mandukasana also promotes healthy weight loss and improves digestive functions. Frog pose also cures cardiovascular diseases.

How to do this?

Step-1- Comfort yourself in Vajrasana position

Step-2- Keep your right palm over your left palm and place the same on your navel

Step-3- Push your stomach inwards and take a deep breath and exhale

Step 4- Keep your head straight, lean downwards, pressuring your stomach and take a deep breath

Step 5- Hold your breath and position for 5-6 seconds and get back in Vajrasana position.

Viparita Trikonasana

Viparita Trikonasana or revolved triangle pose is performed in both beginners as well as advanced levels. It’s a yoga pose that can be done while standing. It gives immense benefits to physical and mental health. It strengthens your arms, hamstrings and improves overall body posture. Trikonasana improves digestion and strengthen the overall digestive system.

How to do this?

Step 1- Position yourself in mountain pose or Tadasana

Step-2- Extend your feet wider also your arms

Step 3- Try to place one hand on your opposite feet without bending your knees.

Step-4- Take a breath and hold the position for 5-6 seconds and come back to Tadasana.

With these four simple asanas, make your Diwali more fun-filled and healthy with our wisdom of yoga. Unable to find such wisdom? Then simply download our app Yog4lyf!

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